Presentation: Vrije Keyser TV (Amsterdam, NL)

The Vrije Keyser was founded in 1978. It's the media outlet of the Amsterdam squatters movement, following its ups and downs, the intrigues, the successes, the defeats.

It's time to take a closer look:

The doctrine was: no social movement medium can exist without its social movement, the medium cannot start a movement. Now the Indymedia Centres pop up all around the world and the question is: can the medium become a social movement?

A presentation of riot-pornography, autonomists' mindshaping and handling the newsreels.

Riot-porno means what it says:

it's the same violent images over and over again, from another angle, in reverse, slow-motion, hours and hours of riots in any city of the world. Another place, another cause, the same players. Police, teargas, bricks and stones, helmets, dark streets, fires. For viewers of VKTV it must be like the everyday soapseries or even bigbrother. sometimes one can only see the difference between riots because the policemen in different countries have different uniforms...

It's probably this we want to show and talk about, and that alienation of the medium becoming the social movement itself, which we don't really like..


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